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Takayama Zenkoji is a temple of the Jodo sect of Buddhism and is open to all regardless of nationality, religion or gender. The temple is a branch temple of the Shinshu Zenkoji Temple in Nagano Prefecture, and enshrines the Amida Nyorai (Zenkoji Nyorai) . Currently, about 400 temples in Japan enshrine Zenkoji Nyorai, of which about 100 or so use Zenkoji as their official name. Among them, there are only about 20 temples that have been granted a "betsuin-go" by the Shinshu Zenkoji Daihongan, and this is the only temple in Gifu Prefecture that has been granted a "betsuin-go" by Takayama Zenkoji. Also, like Shinshu Zenkoji Temple, there is a Gokaidan-meguri in the basement.

The 2017 renovation makes it even easier to spend time and experience Japanese culture. It has become a cosmopolitan inn where foreigners from all over the world come to visit the high mountains, and nearly 90% of the guests are foreigners, making it a cosmopolitan temple.